WWE Legend Jim Ross Discusses Tense Backstage Dynamics with Randy Savage


WWE Legend Jim Ross Discusses Tense Backstage Dynamics with Randy Savage
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In a candid reflection on his storied career with WWE, Hall of Famer Jim Ross, who dedicated 23 years to the promotion from 1993 to 2019, opened up about his complex relationship with one of wrestling's most iconic figures, "Macho Man" Randy Savage.

During a recent episode of the "Grilling JR" podcast, Ross delved into the dynamics of their interaction, highlighting a notable backstage dispute that encapsulates their tension-filled working relationship.

Commercial Conflict Unveiled

The conflict arose over Savage's inclusion in a series of commercials.

Savage, a prominent star in WWE at the time, expressed discontent about being featured in commercial breaks, particularly in markets not hosting live events. In an attempt to assuage Savage's concerns, Ross explained, "I told him, I said, 'You're a star.

It adds to the value of the program, that's why.' " However, Savage, skeptical of Ross's intentions, accused him of attempting to undermine his career. Reflecting on the accusation, Ross expressed bewilderment, stating, "I couldn't even relate to that.

Why would I wanna bury you? ... It makes no sense. But that's the words of a very insecure guy." Their professional paths diverged in 1994 when Savage left WWE for WCW. Ross, recalling WWE's decision not to rehire Savage in 2003, emphasized his commitment to impartiality in business decisions.

He acknowledged Savage's undeniable star power and name recognition, despite their personal differences. "He was a little bit of a bully and unpredictable, and maybe that's what made him a star. If it did, more power to him," Ross commented, offering a nuanced view of Savage's complex persona.

Savage's wrestling career concluded in 2004 following a brief stint with TNA, marked by creative disagreements over a proposed match for Jeff Jarrett's NWA World Heavyweight Championship. Tragically, in 2011, Savage passed away at 58 due to a heart attack.

His enduring legacy was honored posthumously with induction into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2015, cementing his status as a wrestling legend. This reflection by Jim Ross not only sheds light on the intricate relationships within the wrestling world but also pays homage to the unforgettable impact of Randy Savage.

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