The Headbangers Sign Legends Contracts, Hint at WWE Return


The Headbangers Sign Legends Contracts, Hint at WWE Return
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Former WWF World Tag Team Champions, The Headbangers, comprised of Mosh and Thrasher, have recently shed light on their return to the WWE in an exclusive interview with This duo, renowned for their high-energy performances and unique personas, has sent ripples of excitement through the wrestling community with hints of a potential comeback.

In this candid conversation, Mosh delved into the details of their new Legends deal with WWE, which was inked back in March. He clarified that while it's often referred to as a "nostalgia contract," its essence is rooted in the legends' category.

This contract promises fans an array of exciting merchandise, including action figures and video game appearances. Mosh further disclosed that the merchandise rollout might take some time due to production considerations but hinted at the possibility of television appearances down the road.

Their last WWE stint dates back to 2016 when they made a brief appearance on "SmackDown." Prior to that, the Headbangers had been a staple in WWE programming since 1997 before their hiatus in 2000. The prospect of seeing these beloved veterans back in the WWE ring has fans buzzing with anticipation.

WWE Contract Flexibility

Thrasher shed light on the flexibility of their WWE contract, explaining that they were able to participate in the NWA Samhain event on October 28 without any conflicts. As long as they refrain from selling merchandise, they have the freedom to pursue outside opportunities.

Thrasher recounted how they consulted the WWE office before accepting the NWA offer to ensure compliance with their contract terms. This flexibility opens up a world of possibilities for the dynamic duo. Their most recent in-ring action occurred on December 10 at ALW Reindeer Games, where they valiantly defended the ALW Tag Team Titles, showcasing that they still have what it takes to thrive in the squared circle.

As fans eagerly await the release of Headbangers merchandise and potential television appearances, the wrestling world is abuzz with the exciting prospect of witnessing this iconic team make their mark once again in WWE.

With their energy, charisma, and decades of experience, Mosh and Thrasher are poised to leave an indelible imprint on the wrestling landscape once more. Stay tuned for more updates on their journey back to the big stage.