Brooks Jensen: Meeting WWE Legend Felt Like 'Seeing God'


Brooks Jensen: Meeting WWE Legend Felt Like 'Seeing God'
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In the dynamic world of professional wrestling, rising "WWE NXT" star Brooks Jensen has recently shared his experiences of working under the guidance of Shawn Michaels, a revered figure in the wrestling community and a WWE Hall of Famer.

Jensen's journey in the wrestling arena has been nothing short of remarkable, being the progeny of former WWE icon Bull Buchanan and a celebrated "NXT" UK Tag Team Champion alongside his long-standing partner. In a candid conversation with "Scoop Slammed," Jensen opened up about the profound impact Michaels has had on his career since his induction into "NXT." The interview offered a glimpse into Jensen's reverence for Michaels, likening their initial encounter to a near-divine experience.

"The first time seeing him, it was almost kind of like seeing God," Jensen expressed, illustrating the awe-inspiring moment. "It's like, 'Holy crap, you're real.' "

Michaels: More Than a Coach

Beyond the star-struck first impression, Jensen highlighted the down-to-earth and approachable nature of Michaels as a coach.

Their weekly interactions transcend the typical mentor-mentee relationship, delving into personal territories such as shared interests in NASCAR. Jensen emphasized how Michaels engages with him and his tag team partner, Josh Briggs, on a personal level, fostering a unique bond.

More than just personal conversations, Michaels' mentorship has been instrumental in refining Jensen's approach to wrestling and character development. Jensen recalled a specific instance involving Kiana James, where Michaels' insight fundamentally altered his perspective.

"Listening to him, it's like, he changed my mind into, 'Oh, I see it like that now,'" Jensen remarked, underscoring the transformative nature of Michaels' guidance. Since joining WWE in 2021, Jensen has been under Michaels' tutelage in "NXT." Michaels' influence is evident in Jensen's collaborations with Josh Briggs, Kianna James, and Fallon Henley, contributing significantly to Jensen's burgeoning career.

As Jensen continues to evolve under Michaels' wing, his experiences highlight the enduring legacy of Shawn Michaels in shaping the future of WWE superstars.