Why Eric Bischoff Isn't Happy About WWE/WBD Rumors

Industry Veteran Eric Bischoff Weighs in on Wrestling Landscape

by Noman Rasool
Why Eric Bischoff Isn't Happy About WWE/WBD Rumors
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In a recent interview on "Strictly Business," former WCW President Eric Bischoff discussed his apprehensions regarding the potential acquisition of WWE Raw's media rights by Warner Bros. Discovery (WBD). While Bischoff acknowledges the business potential of such a deal for WWE, he expressed his discontent with the situation, emphasizing that AEW (All Elite Wrestling) officials should be actively addressing their own partnership with the network.

Bischoff lamented the lack of progress in negotiations between AEW and WBD, given the importance of a long-term relationship between the two entities. He believes that discussions on extending their working relationship should have commenced months ago, stressing the need for proactive planning.

Comparing AEW's situation to TNA (Total Nonstop Action Wrestling) in the past, Bischoff pointed out that missed opportunities for growth could lead to unfavorable outcomes for AEW if WBD opts for WWE programming. He acknowledged the commercial appeal of WWE to advertisers, potentially making it a more attractive choice for WBD.

It's important to note that no definitive decisions have been made yet, and Bischoff made it clear that he is not advocating against AEW's success. Instead, his concern lies in AEW's ability to expand its audience, which may influence WBD's choice to pursue WWE.

Bischoff's Perspective on Wrestling Landscape

Bischoff summed up the situation, saying, "We're not dancing on anybody's grave. We're not even pronouncing the patient in critical condition yet. We're just looking at the dots and starting to create a picture." As rumors and speculations continue to swirl regarding the media rights of WWE Raw, the wrestling world remains on edge, awaiting any official developments in this potentially game-changing scenario.

The future of AEW and its relationship with WBD is still uncertain, leaving fans and industry insiders alike to ponder the potential consequences of these impending decisions.

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