Kyle Fletcher: Determined to Eclipse AEW's Elite


Kyle Fletcher: Determined to Eclipse AEW's Elite
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In the dynamic world of professional wrestling, the journey of 24-year-old Kyle Fletcher stands out as a testament to resilience and ambition. Fletcher, part of the acclaimed Aussie Open tag team, faced a challenging turn when his partner, Mark Davis, sustained an injury in early October.

However, Fletcher's story did not stall; it took a remarkable upward trajectory. Joining forces with the Don Callis Family, Fletcher showcased his individual prowess by securing his first singles title in AEW/Ring of Honor.

His triumph came at ROH Final Battle, where he emerged victorious in a gripping six-man Survival of the Fittest match, clinching the Ring of Honor Television Championship. This achievement is not just a milestone for Fletcher but a statement of his growing prominence in the wrestling world.

But for Fletcher, this is just the beginning. His ambitions soar higher. Responding to a tweet from Fightful's Sean Ross Sapp, Fletcher confidently asserted his goal to outshine two of wrestling's luminaries - former AEW World Champion Kenny Omega and the highly anticipated AEW star Will Ospreay.

Sapp's tweet drew parallels between Fletcher and these established stars, but Fletcher is determined to not just parallel them, but to surpass them.

Fletcher's Rivalry with Omega

Fletcher's journey has already seen him cross paths with Omega twice in late 2023.

Their first encounter was a closely fought singles match on "AEW Dynamite" on October 18. Despite a valiant effort, Fletcher was bested by Omega. Later, Fletcher, alongside Powerhouse Hobbs, Konosuke Takeshita, and Mogul Embassy's Brian Cage, faced defeat against a formidable team led by Omega in the "Like a Dragon" Street Fight on November 15.

Fletcher's connection with Ospreay runs deeper, having been part of Ospreay's United Empire stable along with Davis since September 2021. Ospreay's own affiliations with the Callis Family, prior to Fletcher's inclusion, adds another layer to this intricate narrative.

As Fletcher continues his journey in the AEW/ROH universe, his resolve and talent are unmistakable. With a blend of ambition, skill, and the support of the Don Callis Family, Fletcher is not just aiming to make a mark - he is on a path to redefine excellence in the wrestling world.

His story is not just about a championship; it's about a wrestler's relentless pursuit to be the best, challenging the very hierarchy of AEW/ROH.