Finn Balor & Damian Priest of The Judgment Day Retain WWE Raw Tag Titles


Finn Balor & Damian Priest of The Judgment Day Retain WWE Raw Tag Titles
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In a thrilling culmination to "WWE Raw," Finn Balor and Damian Priest of The Judgment Day successfully defended their Undisputed Tag Team Championships, showcasing their dominance in a high-stakes main event. Their opponents, the dynamic duo of Julius and Brutus Creed, presented a formidable challenge but ultimately fell short in their quest for the titles.

The Creed Brothers had earned their title opportunity through sheer grit and skill, triumphing in a Tag Team Turmoil Match on a previous episode of "Raw." Their path to the main event saw them outperforming top-tier teams like New Day, Indus Sher, DIY, Imperium, and Alpha Academy, marking them as serious contenders in the tag team division.

Creeds vs. Judgment Day

The championship match began with Julius Creed and Finn Balor facing off, setting the tone for a match filled with intense action and strategic gameplay. The Creeds initially took control, displaying a blend of technical prowess and raw power.

However, The Judgment Day's resilience and strategic acumen were on full display as Priest turned the tide, using the environment to his advantage by hurling Julius into the steel steps and Brutus over the announce table.

Despite these setbacks, the Creed Brothers fought back valiantly. They unleashed a series of aggressive maneuvers, including their signature finisher, the Brutus Ball. In a pivotal moment, Rhea Ripley and Ivy Nile, accompanying their respective teams, engaged in a ringside altercation that momentarily distracted Balor.

This allowed the Creeds to execute the Brutus Ball, but Balor's timely intervention with his Coup De Grace and Priest's South of Heaven maneuver ultimately sealed their victory. For Julius and Brutus Creed, this match marked their first foray into the championship scene of WWE's main roster.

Despite their defeat, their performance was nothing short of impressive, earning them high praise from commentators who hinted at their potential to become future tag team champions. On the other hand, Priest and Balor continue to solidify their legacy in the tag team division, achieving their third successful title defense in their second reign.

This reign began in October when they reclaimed the Undisputed tag team titles from Jey Uso and Cody Rhodes, further establishing themselves as a dominant force in WWE.

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