WWE's Road Dogg Reveals His Pick for the Top Television Wrestler


WWE's Road Dogg Reveals His Pick for the Top Television Wrestler
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WWE Hall of Famer and wrestling icon Road Dogg recently expressed high praise for Randy Orton, dubbing him as one of the premier television wrestlers in the industry today. In a captivating episode of his podcast "Oh... You Didn't Know", Dogg delved into what sets Orton apart, declaring "The Viper" as the industry's leading television wrestler.

"I've consistently maintained this stance, and I'll stand by it against any arguments – Randy Orton, at his age, is still the best in the business when it comes to television wrestling. His cool demeanor, and his meticulous, almost serpentine approach to wrestling are unparalleled.

There's simply nothing about Randy Orton that isn't impressive," Road Dogg enthusiastically shared on the podcast.

Road Legacy and Orton

During the engaging conversation with co-host Casio Kid, Road Dogg also reminisced about past television wrestling greats, notably mentioning Jake "The Snake" Roberts.

Roberts, also a WWE Hall of Famer, was lauded for his ability to captivate audiences through the TV screen, a trait that Road Dogg sees mirrored in Orton. "Looking back, Jake 'The Snake' Roberts was a master at television wrestling, way ahead of his time.

He knew how to work the audience through the screen, a skill that Randy had perfected. Orton stands tall among his peers, benefiting from the tutelage of legends like The Undertaker, Ric Flair, Shawn Michaels, and contemporaries like Cena and Batista," he explained.

Road Dogg's admiration for Orton's prowess is not just a recent development. For years, he has consistently recognized and applauded Orton's remarkable abilities, particularly evident in his enthusiastic anticipation of the 14-time world champion's much-awaited return to the ring earlier this year.

His praise underlines Orton's sustained excellence and significant impact on the wrestling world. Randy Orton's journey in the wrestling world, marked by his exceptional television presence and performance, continues to be a subject of admiration and discussion among fans and professionals alike.

Road Dogg's insights add a deeper layer of appreciation for Orton's contribution to the world of professional wrestling, highlighting the intricate skills and nuances that make a truly great television wrestler.

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