Konnan Views WWE Star: Unimpressive but Convincing Heel


Konnan Views WWE Star: Unimpressive but Convincing Heel
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In a candid review of the recent "WWE Raw" episode aired on December 11, former WCW standout Konnan shared his unfiltered thoughts about Nia Jax, a former "WWE Raw" Women's Champion, particularly focusing on her ongoing storyline with Becky Lynch.

The critique came during an episode of "K100," where Konnan, alongside his team, dissected the key moments of the show. Konnan, known for his straightforward opinions, expressed a clear disinterest in Jax's current feud with Shayna Baszler and Lynch.

He remarked on Jax's in-ring capabilities, stating, "She's all over the place. They like her a lot, but she's not that entertaining, though she is very unlikable as a heel." His comments highlight a disconnect between Jax's perceived potential by the WWE management and her actual appeal to some segments of the audience, including veterans like himself.

Konnan Character Dynamics

The discussion further delved into the dynamics of Jax's character. Konnan pointed out the implausibility of Jax, significantly larger in stature, running away from Becky Lynch, who is notably smaller.

This critique sheds light on the often complex world of wrestling storytelling, where physicality and character dynamics play a crucial role in audience engagement. Adding to Konnan's criticism, his co-host Disco Inferno labeled Jax as "problematic," referencing past instances where Jax allegedly caused injuries to her peers in the ring.

This aspect of Jax's career has been a point of contention among fans and critics alike, sparking debates about safety and professionalism in wrestling. In contrast to Konnan's views, WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray offered a different perspective on the recent "Raw" episode.

Analyzing the segment between Lynch and Jax, he commended both wrestlers, particularly praising Jax for her performance in the promo. Ray's comments suggest that Jax managed to outshine Lynch, a statement that stands in stark opposition to Konnan's critique.

It's worth noting that despite their ongoing storyline, Lynch and Jax have seldom faced each other in singles matches. Their few encounters date back to their early WWE days during "NXT" live events, where Jax was known as Lina.

This long-brewing rivalry, now coming to a head on the main roster, continues to evoke mixed reactions from fans and industry insiders alike.