MJF Clarifies Actual Status of AEW Contract


MJF Clarifies Actual Status of AEW Contract
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MJF, the current AEW World Champion, has recently addressed rumors regarding his contract status with All Elite Wrestling (AEW) in a candid discussion on the SI Media podcast. Contrary to widespread speculation, MJF confirmed that he has not yet signed a new deal with AEW, maintaining the veracity of his previous statements about his contract expiration on January 1st, 2024.

The wrestling world has been abuzz with speculation about MJF's future, especially since his character development post-Adam Cole feud, where he embraced the role of "the people's scumbag." This shift marked an end to his on-screen talks about potentially joining WWE for a lucrative deal.

However, MJF's recent revelations indicate that a jump to WWE could still be a possibility. MJF's clarification comes amidst a backdrop of leaked information and rumors in the wrestling industry, often driven by fan speculation.

He referenced past instances, such as Cody Rhodes' WWE return and CM Punk's dealings with Tony Khan, to illustrate how fan theories often don't align with reality. Despite the rumors, MJF expressed his affection for AEW but emphasized the importance of reassessing his professional direction after the upcoming 'Worlds End' pay-per-view.

MJF's Contract Dilemma

The potential implications of MJF's contract situation are significant for AEW and its President, Tony Khan. With 'Worlds End' scheduled for December 30, there is a looming possibility that MJF could leave AEW as soon as his contract expires, which could be particularly problematic if he retains the AEW World Championship in his upcoming match against Samoa Joe.

MJF also spoke about his unique persona in the wrestling world and his skepticism about being constrained, regardless of the organization he chooses to work with. He believes that his career trajectory will be impactful in any company, given his unbridled and charismatic nature.

While acknowledging that AEW might be a more natural fit for his style, he remains open to considering other options. As MJF navigates his career decisions, the wrestling community eagerly awaits the outcome of his contractual situation.

His choice will undoubtedly have a significant impact on the landscape of professional wrestling, whether he remains with AEW or explores new horizons.

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