Dave Meltzer Speculates on TNA's Secret WWE Signee


Dave Meltzer Speculates on TNA's Secret WWE Signee
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In a significant development for professional wrestling, Impact Wrestling, soon reverting to its original name TNA Wrestling, is on the verge of unveiling a high-profile new talent. Dave Meltzer, an esteemed wrestling journalist, shared insights on the potential former WWE stars who might be making this impactful debut, during a recent episode of "Wrestling Observer Radio." As the wrestling world buzzes with anticipation, Meltzer pointed out that December 21 marks a pivotal date, as a wave of wrestlers will become free agents, poised for potential debuts in AEW or at TNA's upcoming major event in Las Vegas.

Among the speculated names, Dolph Ziggler/Nick Nemeth, Mustafa Ali, and Matt Riddle stand out as the frontrunners.

Riddle's Controversial Prospect

Meltzer's analysis suggests that Riddle, despite his notable talent, might not be the ideal choice for AEW due to a negative stigma surrounding him, possibly making him a more fitting candidate for Impact Wrestling.

The company, known for its resilience, could navigate any controversies associated with signing Riddle. Nemeth, on the other hand, emerges as a safer bet. Meltzer acknowledges Nemeth's skills but questions whether his signing would be a game-changer.

However, Nemeth's potential shift to Impact Wrestling seems more likely, especially if AEW opts out. Meltzer hints at Impact's financial readiness for such a move, indicating they have earmarked funds for acquiring a free agent.

While they may not outbid AEW, they could attract talent overlooked by Tony Khan's promotion. The wrestling landscape has been reshaped following the merger of WWE and UFC into TKO Holdings Group, which led to the release of Nemeth, Riddle, and Ali.

Particularly noteworthy is the controversy surrounding Riddle, who faced an internal investigation prior to his release due to an incident at JFK International Airport. This unfolding scenario presents a fascinating dynamic in the wrestling world.

Impact Wrestling's strategic acquisition could potentially shake up the industry, offering a new stage for these talented athletes to showcase their prowess. Fans and insiders alike are eagerly watching to see which of these wrestlers will step into the TNA ring, potentially altering the balance of power in professional wrestling.

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