Ex-WWE Star Lacey Evans: Open to More Bookings


Ex-WWE Star Lacey Evans: Open to More Bookings
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Former WWE star Lacey Evans, known for her dynamic presence in the wrestling ring, has recently shared insights into her life post-WWE and her decision to step away from the wrestling world. Since her departure from WWE in August, Evans has been noticeably absent from the wrestling scene, with her last match dating back to June against Zelina Vega in a non-televised event.

In a candid conversation with Chris Van Vliet on "Insight With Chris Van Vliet," Evans revealed her current stance on wrestling and her future plans.

Evans: Wrestling Not Passion

Evans, whose tenure with WWE spanned seven impactful years starting in 2016, acknowledged the numerous offers she has received since leaving the organization.

However, she confessed that wrestling was never her true passion. "I've had a lot, obviously, reach out. But I did WWE for seven years and it was never my passion, that was never a secret," Evans stated. Despite her success and recognition in WWE's main roster, her heart always yearned for something else.

Reflecting on her journey, Evans opened up about the challenges of balancing her professional commitments with her personal life. Traveling extensively as a WWE Superstar, often with her family in tow, posed its own set of struggles.

This constant on-the-road lifestyle led her to question her career choice, sparking a desire for a change. Now, Evans finds fulfillment in her new endeavors, particularly in her role as a cafe owner and her involvement in community outreach programs.

She expressed immense satisfaction in being able to make a meaningful impact, citing her recent participation in a support group for families affected by addiction. "There was always something in the back of my head that was like what the f*** am I doing? When I wake up now, and I'm on my way to my cafe and I have like, just last night we did a big group outreach for I think it's NAR-ANON...

So it's just the things that I get to do now and the difference that I get to make to me is so rewarding," Evans shared. Evans's current focus is unmistakably clear – changing lives and cherishing time with her family.

She confidently asserts that she harbors no doubts about her new path, finding joy and purpose in her life away from the wrestling ring. As she embarks on this new chapter, Evans's dedication to her community and family shines as a testament to her evolving journey beyond the world of WWE.

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