WWE Hall of Famer Slams Liv Morgan's Arrest as 'A Joke


WWE Hall of Famer Slams Liv Morgan's Arrest as 'A Joke
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Last Thursday, WWE Superstar Liv Morgan found herself in a legal bind as she was arrested for marijuana possession in the state of Florida. However, her swift release from custody later that same night at around 10 p.m. has raised some eyebrows.

In a recent episode of his "83 Weeks" podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff weighed in on the matter, deeming Morgan's arrest a "joke." Bischoff, known for his colorful views, clarified his stance on the issue: "I know people who listen to me think, 'Oh, he's such a hardcore conservative,' which is absolutely not the case," he began.

"I'm very conservative on some things but I'm very socially liberal about others. I think the whole marijuana thing is a joke. I think the fact that she had a ticket because there was a vape pen in her car is just a silly ordeal.

I don't get that; there must have been something — that cop must have been having a really bad day or maybe it was his or her first day on the job. I don't know, but that's just silly. I'm glad there is no heat." Bischoff further argued that compared to alcohol-related incidents, Morgan's situation seemed trivial, saying, "I've seen people, including myself, do so much more stupid sh**t as a result of consuming alcohol." He expressed his concern about more pressing issues in the world and emphasized his greater preoccupation with the pharmaceutical industry.

Injury-Plagued Absence

Morgan, a former WWE "SmackDown" Women's Champion, has been absent from the wrestling scene since July due to a shoulder injury. It's worth noting that she had just returned from another shoulder injury in May.

The initial injury resulted in Morgan and her partner, Raquel Rodriquez, vacating the WWE Women's Tag Team titles during their first reign. Morgan's arrest has stirred debate not only among wrestling enthusiasts but also within the broader context of marijuana legislation and its enforcement.

As opinions continue to circulate, it remains to be seen whether this incident will have any lasting repercussions for the talented WWE Superstar.

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