Eric Bischoff Advocates for AEW Renewing Jim Ross' Contract


Eric Bischoff Advocates for AEW Renewing Jim Ross' Contract
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In a recent episode of the podcast "83 Weeks," WWE Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff expressed his strong opinion that All Elite Wrestling (AEW) should prioritize retaining renowned commentator Jim Ross. This comes amidst a trend of talent shifting between WWE and AEW.

Bischoff's comments are particularly noteworthy given recent high-profile moves, such as CM Punk's switch to WWE and Jade Cargill's significant transition. Bischoff highlighted Ross's invaluable contribution to AEW, emphasizing his deep-rooted significance in the professional wrestling world.

"JR has brand. 50 years as a broadcaster, JR is embedded in the culture of professional wrestling and amongst fans," Bischoff stated, underscoring Ross's half-century legacy in broadcasting. He warned that losing a figure like Ross could be detrimental to AEW, especially at a time when the company is navigating through significant changes.

He further advised AEW President Tony Khan to focus on consolidating the organization's brand value. "Tony's got to hold it together. He's got to bring that ship together. He's got to tighten it up. He's got to lock down the brand talent that he has," Bischoff urged, highlighting the importance of stability and brand loyalty in the dynamic world of professional wrestling.

Ross's Voice: Auditory Comfort

Beyond Ross's extensive experience, Bischoff also remarked on the unique, comforting quality of Ross's voice, likening it to a familiar comfort food. "JR's got that voice [that] when you hear that voice, it's like comfort food for my ears.

It's like macaroni and cheese for my ears when I hear Jim's voice," he said, illustrating the deep emotional connection fans have with Ross's iconic commentary. Currently, there's no official word on whether AEW plans to extend Ross's contract.

However, Ross himself has expressed a desire to continue his tenure with AEW. His continued presence could be a pivotal factor in maintaining the company's fan base and brand integrity during a period of significant shifts in the wrestling landscape.

As the industry continues to evolve, the decisions made by AEW's leadership, including the potential re-signing of Jim Ross, will be closely watched by fans and insiders alike.

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