Backstage Reaction to Ilja Dragunov Injury Storyline in WWE NXT (Dec 19)


Backstage Reaction to Ilja Dragunov Injury Storyline in WWE NXT (Dec 19)
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In a recent episode of "WWE NXT," reigning champion Ilja Dragunov faced an alarming situation following a match with Ridge Holland, sparking widespread concern among WWE enthusiasts. During the bout, a DDT executed by Holland resulted in Dragunov being carried away on a stretcher from the NXT arena.

This incident drew immediate attention due to Holland's previous involvement in an accidental in-ring injury that severely impacted former WWE Champion Big E in March 2022.

NXT Injury Drama

The tension in the air was palpable as the NXT audience witnessed this alarming scene, recalling the unfortunate event where Big E sustained fractures to his C1 and C6 vertebrae because of Holland's maneuver.

As Fightful Select reports, the WWE NXT production team expressed satisfaction with the execution of this injury angle. The commendation extended not only to the filming quality and the remarkable performances delivered by both Holland and Dragunov but also to the audience's stunned silence, indicating their total immersion in the moment.

This storyline development, however, has not been without its controversies. Many fans have expressed discontent, considering Big E's ongoing absence from the wrestling scene since his injury. Holland, who faced criticism and backlash after Big E's accident, has once again become a focal point of fan scrutiny.

It's noteworthy that Xavier Woods, a fellow member of Big E's New Day, previously defended Holland amidst the fallout. As for the implications of this storyline, there remains uncertainty regarding how it will impact Dragunov's scheduled title defense.

He is set to face 2023 Men's Iron Survivor, Trick Williams, at the upcoming "WWE NXT: New Year's Evil" event on January 2. The NXT community and fans globally are keenly awaiting further developments, especially considering the gravity of the situation and the history of injuries associated with Holland.

This incident in the NXT arena, whether a carefully crafted storyline or a reflection of real-life risks in professional wrestling, has undeniably captivated the audience, leaving many questions unanswered about the future of both Dragunov and the NXT championship.

As we approach the "New Year's Evil" event, the wrestling world watches with bated breath to see how this storyline unfolds and what it means for the athletes involved.

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