Ariane Andrew Discusses Potential of a 'Total Divas' Revival in Modern WWE


Ariane Andrew Discusses Potential of a 'Total Divas' Revival in Modern WWE
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In an exclusive interview with WrestlingNewsCo, former WWE superstar and original "Total Divas" cast member Ariane Andrew shared her vision for rejuvenating the iconic show that once captivated a new wave of female WWE fans.

"Total Divas," which aired on the E! network from 2013 to 2019, is remembered for bringing personal and professional lives of WWE's female stars into the limelight. Andrew expressed her enthusiasm for a potential revival, suggesting a blend of original cast reunions and the introduction of current WWE talents.

The original lineup, featuring Andrew herself, Nikki and Brie Garcia (the Bella Twins), Trinity (formerly Naomi in WWE), JoJo, Eva Marie, and Natalya, carved a unique niche in WWE's storytelling. Andrew believes that reuniting these familiar faces could strike a chord with long-time fans while also showcasing the evolution of their careers and personal lives.

"The landscape of WWE has transformed remarkably," Andrew commented, referring to the influx of new talents with diverse backgrounds such as gymnastics and other sports. She sees potential in integrating these new personalities into the "Total Divas" format.

"Imagine blending the original charm with the new vigor of current stars," she added.

New Stars, Fresh Stories

Andrew also mentioned current WWE stars like Carmella, now a new mother, and Alexa Bliss, in her relationship with pop star Ryan Cabrera, as compelling narratives that could be explored in the show.

These storylines, according to Andrew, would resonate with both the existing fanbase and newer audiences, offering a fresh perspective while remaining under the expansive WWE umbrella. The proposed revival could kick off with a special reunion episode, bringing together the original cast and current stars, potentially bridging different eras of WWE's female talent.

Andrew emphasized the importance of this mix, stating, "It's about manifesting a new era of 'Total Divas' while honoring its rich history." Throughout its nine-season run, "Total Divas" not only showcased the original cast but also introduced other stars like Saraya (formerly Paige), Nia Jax, Summer Rae, and Maryse.

The show's unique blend of personal drama and professional wrestling offered a new window into the lives of these athletes, a format that Andrew believes still has significant potential in today's WWE landscape. With her ideas and the ever-evolving WWE universe, a "Total Divas" revival could indeed be a captivating addition to the WWE's diverse entertainment offerings.