Booker T Addresses Past, Refutes Johnson's Claims in Candid Interview


Booker T Addresses Past, Refutes Johnson's Claims in Candid Interview
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WWE Hall of Famer Booker T, a renowned name in the wrestling world, recently addressed some controversial remarks made by fellow wrestler Ahmed Johnson. In the latest episode of "The Hall of Fame with Booker T & Brad Gilmore," Booker T openly discussed his past and responded to Johnson's defamatory statements.

Acknowledging his own difficult past, including a time spent in prison for robbery during his youth, Booker T emphasized his journey towards atonement and personal growth. "I did go to prison for robbing people. But I was a kid and I think I've atoned for every piece of dirt that I put down back in the day.

I was a kid that made a mistake," he explained. He contrasted this with Johnson's own admission of being in a gang, questioning the moral difference between their respective pasts. Booker T also strongly refuted Johnson's negative assertions about him, stating they were entirely baseless.

He warned of potential legal repercussions, saying, "You tell a lie about me, he's probably going to end up in court and he's probably going to end up getting sued by defaming me." He called Johnson a "notorious, lying, piece of you-know-what," expressing deep frustration over the situation.

Booker T on Wrestling Risks

Beyond these personal matters, Booker T also shared his insights on Charlotte Flair's recent injury, highlighting the risks inherent in the wrestling industry. His perspective is grounded in years of experience, both as a competitor and a mentor.

Furthermore, Booker T resonated with Shawn Michaels' role in WWE NXT, sharing similar philosophies about nurturing new talent. Discussing the potential of CM Punk leading NXT, Booker T expressed his own fulfillment in working with NXT athletes, emphasizing the value of imparting wisdom to the next generation of wrestlers.

Though Booker T made a surprise appearance at the Royal Rumble 2023, he clarified that he does not foresee a regular return to in-ring action. His focus remains on contributing to the wrestling community in other meaningful ways.

This recent discourse from Booker T not only sheds light on his personal growth and current mindset but also underscores the ongoing dynamics and challenges within the professional wrestling world.

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