Mickie James Hails WWE Star as TV Highlight

Impact Wrestling's Mickie James Praises Chelsea Green's Talent.

by Atia Mukhtar
Mickie James Hails WWE Star as TV Highlight
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Mickie James, a renowned figure in Impact Wrestling, recently shared her insights on the wrestling industry and her admiration for fellow wrestler Chelsea Green during her appearance on the "Gabby AF" podcast. James, known for her discerning eye for talent, singled out Green as a standout performer, revealing that they almost collaborated in WWE.

James praised Green's adaptability and understanding of the wrestling world, emphasizing that Green is not just a wrestler but a true entertainer. "Working with her in Impact was a great experience. We had plans for a collaboration in WWE, but unfortunately, it didn't materialize," James remarked.

Her recognition of Green's talents is noteworthy, considering her own prestigious status in the wrestling community.

Green's Entertaining Mastery

In the highly competitive world of wrestling, James pointed out that sheer wrestling skills are not enough; one must also possess the ability to captivate the audience.

Green, according to James, has mastered this aspect. "She's focused on the entertainment value, not afraid of looking foolish if it means engaging the audience," James said. This approach has earned Green the title of WWE Women's Tag Team Champion and a notable presence in the industry.

Green's return to WWE at this year's Royal Rumble was marked by a record-setting fastest elimination in the Women's Rumble. Despite initial skepticism from fans following this, James applauds Green's resilience and her knack for owning her character.

"Her ability to entertain, regardless of whether she's loved or loathed, is what makes her a highlight on TV right now. She understands that it's all about keeping the audience engaged," James added. This endorsement from Mickie James, a veteran and respected figure in wrestling, underscores Chelsea Green's rising prominence in the sport.

Green's journey, marked by entertainment and resilience, continues to captivate fans and fellow wrestlers alike, proving that in the world of wrestling, character and charisma are just as crucial as technical skill.

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