Ex-WWE Star Keeps in Touch with Tony Khan After AEW Exit


Ex-WWE Star Keeps in Touch with Tony Khan After AEW Exit
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Lio Rush, a notable wrestling talent recognized for his dynamic presence both in WWE Raw and briefly in AEW, recently shared intriguing insights about his current professional journey and relationship with AEW's Tony Khan.

Despite departing from AEW a couple of years back, Rush maintains ongoing communication with Khan, signifying mutual respect beyond their professional collaboration. Rush's wrestling career has been marked by significant milestones, including a successful stint in WWE from 2017 to 2020.

His tenure there was highlighted by his managerial role for Bobby Lashley on RAW, which substantially elevated his profile. Post-WWE, Rush briefly aligned with AEW in 2021, though his time there was short-lived and culminated in a departure that raised many eyebrows.

Lio Rush Clarifies AEW Exit

In a recent interview with Wrestle Purists, Rush elaborated on his AEW exit, dispelling rumors of discord with Tony Khan. "It was a mutual and understanding parting," Rush said, addressing the speculation of a fall-out.

"There wasn't any heavy war or bad blood. Sometimes, things don't work out. Tony and I have kept in touch since then. Ultimately, we have to do what's best for us, and at that time, it was best for both parties." Rush's journey continued in the independent circuit and NJPW before he found a new home in TNA (formerly IMPACT Wrestling), where he currently shines as one of the top stars.

His ability to adapt and excel in various wrestling environments underscores his versatility and talent. Interestingly, despite a past public spat with Tony Khan, where he openly criticized the AEW CEO and President, Rush reflects positively on their relationship.

Speaking to Chris Van Vliet on Insights, he said, "I like Tony. I think we connected quickly, which is why so much emotion was involved. I probably shouldn't have let that emotion out, but I'm glad I did." As Rush continues to make waves in TNA, speculation abounds about a potential return to AEW.

His openness to such a possibility and his ongoing rapport with Khan leave the door ajar for a future reunion. Wrestling fans eagerly await to see where Rush's remarkable journey takes him next, whether it's solidifying his legacy in TNA or possibly making a triumphant return to AEW.

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