Headbangers Discuss Their 2016 WWE Comeback


Headbangers Discuss Their 2016 WWE Comeback
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In a recent exclusive interview with WrestlingNewsCo, the iconic WWE tag team duo, The Headbangers, consisting of Mosh (Chaz Warrington) and Thrasher, delved into the details of their unexpected return to WWE's "SmackDown" in 2016.

The team's resurgence, largely orchestrated by Brian "Road Dogg" James, marked a significant moment in the WWE’s tag team division. Mosh, sharing insights from behind the scenes, revealed that their comeback was not an overnight decision.

Over the years, they persistently pitched the idea of returning to WWE, yet faced several rejections. The turning point came when James reached out with a specific storyline in mind, setting the stage for their television appearance the following week.

Unforgettable Return Call

Describing the whirlwind of events, Mosh recounted the unforgettable call from WWE legend Howard Finkel. "Friday afternoon at four o'clock, I get a call from Howard Finkel," Mosh said, recalling the moment vividly.

"Chaz Warrington, Howard Finkel here with the WWE. You are needed at SmackDown on Tuesday night." Within an hour, plans were set in motion, with plane tickets and arrangements swiftly made. Mosh highlighted this return as one of the top three moments of his wrestling career, particularly because it allowed his son to witness him perform live on TV.

While their 2016 run on "SmackDown" was brief, it was a period that fans fondly remember. Presently, The Headbangers continue to wrestle actively in the independent circuit. Moreover, they have sparked excitement among fans with hints of a potential return to WWE's big stage next year.

The duo recently disclosed that they have signed WWE Legends contracts, which may pave the way for future television appearances. While their in-ring involvement remains uncertain, these contracts assure fans that Mosh and Thrasher will be gracing the WWE universe once again.

The Headbangers’ story is a testament to perseverance and passion in the wrestling world. As they tease their return, fans eagerly anticipate what the future holds for this legendary tag team.