WWE Tryout Advice Shapes May's AEW Journey


WWE Tryout Advice Shapes May's AEW Journey
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In the dynamic world of professional wrestling, Mariah May's journey stands out as a testament to perseverance and growth. Recently, on "Talk Is Jericho," the newly signed All Elite Wrestling (AEW) talent opened up about her past experiences with WWE, particularly a pivotal 2019 tryout at the WWE Performance Center in Enfield, England.

Despite not securing a contract with WWE, May's encounter with the wrestling giant proved to be a formative step in her career, offering her invaluable insights and advice from industry veterans. May's brush with WWE began with an unexpected tryout invitation, initially believed to be for WWE but later clarified as for NXT UK.

"I had like three matches, and they asked me to do a tryout," May recounted. The prospect of joining WWE was particularly appealing to her due to the training opportunities at the Performance Center. The tryout, however, turned out to be for NXT UK, a brand she was less inclined to join.

Reflecting on this, May shared, "Whereas WWE, I would have signed to that early on because there's a PC and you're going to train and stuff."

Guidance Shapes Career Path

The tryout session proved to be a crucible of learning, with former WWE trainer Sarah Stock advising May to broaden her wrestling experience globally.

This guidance was pivotal, as NXT UK did not offer the same full-time training facilities as the main WWE Performance Center. May's interactions with WWE, though not culminating in a contract, were instrumental in shaping her professional trajectory.

Following her stint with WWE, May returned to the independent wrestling circuit in the United Kingdom. Her dedication to refining her craft was evident as she expanded her reach internationally, with notable appearances in the United States, Germany, and a significant nine-month stint in STARDOM in Japan in January 2023.

These experiences not only honed her skills but also amplified her reputation in the wrestling community. Today, Mariah May's career has taken a significant turn as she joins the ranks of AEW's women's division. Her story is a compelling example of how navigating the complex pathways of professional wrestling, with its trials and opportunities, can lead to new and exciting horizons.

As she steps into the AEW ring, May carries with her a wealth of experience and the determination to make a mark in the world of All Elite Wrestling.