Logan Paul U.S. Championship Win Attributed to WWE Star's Aid


Logan Paul U.S. Championship Win Attributed to WWE Star's Aid
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In a gripping turn of events, WWE Superstar Santos Escobar is set to challenge Logan Paul for the coveted United States Championship, bringing a new level of intensity to the WWE arena. The semi-finals of the United States Championship Tournament saw Escobar face off against the formidable Bobby Lashley in what can only be described as a blockbuster matchup.

The match took an unexpected turn when a couple of masked men disrupted the scene by attacking the Street Profits, creating a chaotic distraction that ultimately led to Escobar pinning Lashley for the victory. These mysterious assailants were later unmasked as Angel Garza and Humberto Carrillo, adding a new layer of intrigue to the already heated rivalry.

Escobar's Bold Declaration

In an exclusive backstage interview during this week's The SmackDown LowDown, Cathy Kelley caught up with the former Cruiserweight Champion. Escobar, previously a member of the Latino World Order, expressed his disdain for his former teammates, labeling them as traitors.

However, he was quick to express his gratitude for having Angel and Humberto on his side. Escobar then shifted his focus to Logan Paul, making a bold declaration. He claimed responsibility for assisting Paul in winning the title and now firmly set his sights on claiming it for himself at New Year's Revolution.

Escobar's revelation that he had strategically left brass knuckles in the ring at Crown Jewel 2023, which Paul used to defeat Rey Mysterio, has added a controversial twist to this high-stakes feud. Meanwhile, Kevin Owens, Escobar's opponent in the United States Championship Tournament finals, has also expressed his distaste for Logan Paul.

Owens secured his place in the finals by defeating former NXT Champion Carmelo Hayes. In a candid interview with WWE correspondent Kayla Braxton, Owens didn't mince words, calling Paul a "degenerate" and criticizing his handling of the United States Championship.

Owens passionately vowed to win the title and restore its dignity and prestige. As tensions mount, the WWE Universe eagerly anticipates the final showdown between Santos Escobar and Kevin Owens at SmackDown: New Year's Revolution on January 5, 2024.

This high-stakes battle promises to be a monumental event in WWE history, as two of the most dynamic competitors vie for one of the most prestigious titles in sports entertainment.

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