Gunther's Reign and CM Punk's Return Reshape WWE's Championship Scene


Gunther's Reign and CM Punk's Return Reshape WWE's Championship Scene
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In recent months, WWE's flagship shows, RAW and SmackDown, have been dominated by enduring championship reigns. On RAW, Gunther's more than a year-long hold on the Intercontinental Championship has been noteworthy. Meanwhile, SmackDown has been captivated by Roman Reigns' historic journey with the Undisputed Universal Championship.

There's widespread speculation that WWE aims to extend Reigns' championship tenure to break existing records. While this remains unconfirmed, it's clear that Gunther is poised for a lengthy reign as the Intercontinental Champion.

This trajectory is partly influenced by the return of WWE Superstar CM Punk, which has reshaped the championship landscape.

Gunther's Strategic Positioning

Punk's comeback has positioned him as a leading contender for Seth Rollins' World Heavyweight Title.

This development might delay any plans for Gunther, currently holding the Intercontinental Championship, to advance towards a world title opportunity. WWE seems inclined to keep Gunther as the Intercontinental Champion, pitting him against prominent wrestlers to further solidify his legacy.

Once Punk and Rollins conclude their feud, the spotlight could shift to Gunther as a potential world title contender. Gunther's tenure as Intercontinental Champion has garnered respect from both fans and fellow wrestlers. His journey to becoming the longest-reigning IC Champion is not just about the duration but also the quality of his performances.

Vince Russo, a former writer for WWE, lauded Gunther's talents during an episode of Sportskeeda's "Writing with Russo." Russo remarked, "When you look at that show, and you look at just the character work, bro, that guy is top three.

No doubt about it, bro, top three. He is better than Reigns because Reigns is very one-dimensional. Gunther shows like different sides of personality, bro. That guy is a good man." While opinions may vary on whether Gunther surpasses Reigns, it's undeniable that he has the potential to be one of the greatest superstars of the modern era.

The anticipation surrounding his future endeavors, especially post his Intercontinental Championship reign, is immense. As WWE continues to evolve, the trajectories of these reigning champions will be pivotal in shaping the promotion's future.

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