Past Haunts AJ Styles in SmackDown's Triple Threat: An Analysis


Past Haunts AJ Styles in SmackDown's Triple Threat: An Analysis
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In a dramatic turn of events on last week's SmackDown, AJ Styles made a stunning return to the blue brand, coming to the aid of Randy Orton and LA Knight, only to shock the WWE Universe with a subsequent attack on Knight.

This unexpected twist has set the stage for an intriguing triple threat match on an upcoming SmackDown episode, announced by General Manager Nick Aldis. The stakes are high, as the victor will earn the coveted opportunity to challenge Roman Reigns at Royal Rumble 2024.

The match promises to be a high-octane clash, with each competitor bringing a unique set of skills and a strong claim to victory. However, the most compelling narrative revolves around AJ Styles and the potential re-emergence of his past conflicts.

Speculation is rife that The OC could intervene and derail Styles' chances, a move that would stem from the recent tensions showcased between Styles and The OC on SmackDown.

Styles vs. Knight Feud

While this angle remains speculative, it’s a narrative ripe with potential, tapping into the Stamford-based promotion's penchant for revisiting unfinished storylines.

Last week’s episode saw Styles' unexpected aggression towards Knight, a move that reverberated through the WWE Universe and hinted at a possible feud between the two. Wrestling expert Matt Morgan weighed in on the situation during his podcast, expressing optimism about the storyline's impact on LA Knight.

"Which was very surprising. And I'm hopeful for that because that will help LA Knight. If LA Knight can work an AJ Styles match at 'Mania, that's gonna help LA Knight," Morgan commented. Collaborations with industry stalwarts like John Cena and Randy Orton have already bolstered Knight's profile.

A potential feud with a seasoned performer like Styles could further elevate his standing, making a championship bid a logical next step post-feud. As the WWE Universe eagerly anticipates the triple threat match, the narrative layers add depth and excitement to the showdown.

With so much at stake and multiple storylines converging, this match is poised to be a pivotal moment in the lead-up to Royal Rumble 2024, engaging fans and pundits alike in speculation and analysis.

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