Why CM Punk Could Edge Out Cody Rhodes for WWE's Royal Rumble Win


Why CM Punk Could Edge Out Cody Rhodes for WWE's Royal Rumble Win
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Cody Rhodes' 2023 victory in the Royal Rumble was a thrilling highlight, marking his triumphant return to the ring after recovering from a pectoral injury. Though unsuccessful, his subsequent challenge to Roman Reigns for the WWE Undisputed Universal Championship at WrestleMania 39 further cemented his status as a key figure in WWE.

Despite falling short against 'The Tribal Chief,' Rhodes's journey has captured fans' hearts, embodying the essence of the American Dream. Looking ahead to 2024, speculation is rife within the WWE Universe. Fans are abuzz with predictions that Rhodes, known as 'The American Nightmare,' might again seize the spotlight.

Many believe he could emerge victorious in the men's elimination match, setting up a potential rematch with Reigns at WrestleMania 40. However, the landscape of WWE has shifted dramatically with the return of CM Punk, a development that could alter the trajectory of Rhodes's path to glory.

Punk's Sensational WWE Return

CM Punk, dubbed 'The Best in the World,' made a sensational comeback at Survivor Series, immediately drawing immense attention from fans and WWE management. His return has been met with excitement, with WWE reportedly eager to thrust him into the forefront of the action.

The Royal Rumble presents a prime opportunity for Punk to impact significantly. While Rhodes remains a fan favorite, his popularity growing daily, Punk's comeback has introduced a new dynamic. There's a growing segment of the WWE Universe clamoring for 'The Second City Saint' to claim the 2024 Royal Rumble victory, a feat he never achieved during his previous stint with the company.

This longing for Punk to ascend to the pinnacle of the Rumble is fueled by his remarkable decade-long first run in WWE, which, despite its length, never saw him clinch this coveted title. Rhodes's 2023 accomplishments, including his Royal Rumble win and WrestleMania headline, were a testament to his resilience and the warm reception he received from fans upon his return.

However, with Punk's presence reshaping the landscape, WWE might capitalize on this momentum by positioning Punk as the next Rumble victor, offering a fresh narrative twist in the ongoing saga of WWE's top superstars. As the anticipation for the 2024 Royal Rumble builds, all eyes are on WWE to see whether it will be Rhodes or Punk who emerges as the face of victory in this ever-evolving world of wrestling entertainment.

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