AEW Star MJF Shares the Story Behind His Love for Burberry


AEW Star MJF Shares the Story Behind His Love for Burberry
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AEW World Champion MJF recently made headlines during his appearance on the "Sports Illustrated Media" podcast, where he shared a fascinating anecdote about the origins of his iconic Burberry scarf, a staple of his wrestling persona.

This intriguing story not only sheds light on his character development but also his unique fashion sense. MJF, known for his charisma and ability to captivate audiences, delved into a memory from his teenage years that sparked his interest in the luxury brand.

He recalled a visit to a youth-friendly club in Long Island during a sweltering summer night. Despite the heat, MJF noticed a particular individual drawing significant attention, not just for his charisma but also for his distinctive fashion choice - a wool Burberry scarf.

This sight struck a chord with the AEW star. The wrestler, often dubbed "The Salt of the Earth," described his mixed feelings of admiration and agitation upon seeing another person attract attention. He realized the scarf was more than a fashion statement; it was a symbol of affluence and style.

This epiphany led him to adopt the Burberry scarf into his wardrobe, a decision that has become a defining aspect of his wrestling character.

Provocative Summer Style

MJF's choice to wear the scarf, even in the heat of summer, is a deliberate move to provoke and intrigue fans.

He noted how it often makes viewers "irrationally mad," underscoring the psychological impact of his character's fashion choices. His affinity for the scarf has grown to the point where he has lost count of the number in his collection.

Interestingly, MJF revealed that his relationship with Burberry is purely personal, as there is no official endorsement or partnership between them. He confidently stated that his regular appearance on television with the scarf has brought significant attention to the Burberry brand, arguably more than any other individual.

This revelation adds a new layer to MJF's character, showcasing his strategic use of fashion to enhance his persona. His story, rooted in a blend of personal experience and character development, offers fans a deeper insight into one of wrestling's most compelling figures.

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