John Cena's Comeback: Final Feud with Past WWE Rival After 6 Years?


John Cena's Comeback: Final Feud with Past WWE Rival After 6 Years?
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John Cena, a legendary figure in WWE history, may be gearing up for a final epic showdown. Since his debut in 2002, Cena has been a cornerstone of WWE, capturing 16 world titles and engaging in memorable feuds with top-tier Superstars.

Despite transitioning to a successful Hollywood career, Cena occasionally steps back into the WWE ring, delivering show-stopping performances that remind fans of his wrestling prowess. In recent years, Cena's WWE appearances have become rarer, signaling that his in-ring career might be nearing its end.

Rumors are now swirling about his next WWE run, possibly his last, setting the stage for a climactic battle against a familiar adversary: Randy Orton. This potential match-up is drawing immense attention, given that it's been over six years since these two icons last faced each other in the ring.

Orton, also a seasoned WWE Superstar, recently made his return after a lengthy hiatus due to a back injury. His comeback coincides with Cena's dwindling WWE appearances, creating a perfect narrative for one final clash between these long-time rivals.

Their last encounter was on a 2017 episode of Friday Night SmackDown, where Cena emerged victorious after a fierce 12-minute battle.

Cena's Legacy Pass-Over

This proposed final feud offers a chance for Cena to pass the torch to Orton, further solidifying The Viper's legacy in WWE.

A victory over Cena would not only conclude their storied rivalry on a high note but also bolster Orton's standing as he continues his WWE journey. Orton's immediate focus, however, is on the broader WWE landscape. His current objective is to challenge Roman Reigns and disrupt the dominance of The Bloodline, a faction responsible for a brutal attack that sidelined him for over a year.

Orton's path to Reigns runs through a high-stakes triple threat match against LA Knight and AJ Styles, scheduled for January 5 on a special episode titled "New Year's Revolution." The winner will earn the right to face Reigns for the Undisputed Universal Championship at the Royal Rumble 2024.

As anticipation builds for these monumental events, fans eagerly await to see if Cena will indeed return for this final rivalry, and whether Orton can secure a coveted world title opportunity. The wrestling world is abuzz with speculation, and all eyes are on these two WWE titans as they potentially prepare for one last epic encounter.

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