Booker T Praises NXT Work Environment as More Uplifting Than Other WWE Brands


Booker T Praises NXT Work Environment as More Uplifting Than Other WWE Brands
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WWE Hall of Famer and renowned wrestling icon Booker T, currently known for his insightful commentary and backstage expertise, recently shared his perspectives on working with WWE's NXT brand compared to his experiences with SmackDown and Raw.

Speaking on his "Hall of Fame" podcast, Booker T expressed a distinct preference for the environment and role he plays in NXT. Booker T, a veteran with numerous championship titles under his belt, finds a unique satisfaction in NXT, where he engages with emerging talents.

He feels a deeper sense of purpose in NXT, attributing this to the opportunity to offer advice and guidance to the young stars shaping their careers. "I feel a whole lot better when I go to NXT," Booker stated, contrasting his involvement there with the roles he plays at SmackDown or Raw.

He emphasized his ability to contribute more significantly in NXT, where the focus is on learning and growth.

Booker T Mentors Williams

In his discussion, Booker T highlighted his relationship with Trick Williams, a rising star in the wrestling world.

He described Williams as one of his pupils, with whom he communicates regularly. Booker T is committed to guiding Williams to success, noting an early recognition of his potential. He recalled his initial impression of Williams, saying, "Even before he ever got in the ring, I said there's something about this guy, he passes that airport test." When asked about Tiffany Stratton, another promising talent in WWE, Booker T did not hesitate to express his confidence in her potential to become a major star.

He lavished high praise on Stratton, indicating his belief in her ability to reach exceptional heights in the wrestling world. Booker T's insights reveal a passion for nurturing new talent and an appreciation for the distinctive environment NXT offers.

His experiences in NXT, characterized by mentoring and direct involvement with up-and-coming wrestlers, stand in contrast to his roles in WWE's other brands. This perspective from a seasoned professional like Booker T sheds light on the different dynamics within WWE's diverse brands, highlighting the unique opportunities and experiences each one offers.

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