Alexander Hammerstone Bids Emotional Farewell to MLW


Alexander Hammerstone Bids Emotional Farewell to MLW
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In a deeply emotional and candid address, Alexander Hammerstone, the esteemed former MLW World Heavyweight Champion, marked the end of an era in his wrestling career. Following his final bout in Major League Wrestling (MLW), Hammerstone seized the moment to express his heartfelt sentiments, reflecting on his journey and the controversy that has shrouded his recent career moves.

Hammerstone's tenure with MLW was nothing short of transformative. A wrestler once overlooked by major promotions, his raw talent and unyielding determination caught the eye of Court Bauer, MLW's founder. Bauer's decision to sign Hammerstone to a three-year contract not only altered the course of his career but also affirmed MLW's knack for recognizing and nurturing exceptional talent.

Hammerstone's Grateful Goodbye

In his poignant farewell speech, Hammerstone recounted his initial struggles, his relentless pursuit of success, and the gratitude he felt towards MLW.

"This company took a kid that nobody else wanted," he shared with a packed crowd, his voice echoing the depth of his journey. Despite facing rejections from WWE, Impact Wrestling, and Lucha Underground, it was MLW that offered him a platform to shine and evolve into a wrestling superstar.

Hammerstone's rise in MLW is a testament to the promotion's commitment to developing its talent. The wrestler, who signed with MLW in 2019, was candid about the pivotal role the company played in his career. "Whatever I do from this point forward, I will be the guy MLW built," he stated, acknowledging the indelible impact of his time with the promotion.

The former champion also took a moment to appreciate his colleagues, showering praise on the incredible roster of MLW and the camaraderie they shared. His farewell, though brief, was packed with emotion and gratitude: "I love you guys, thank you." With his release from MLW, which otherwise would have seen him with the company through 2025, Hammerstone is now poised to be a major player in the free agent market.

His departure from MLW marks not just an end, but also the beginning of a new chapter for this remarkable athlete, whose legacy in MLW will undoubtedly influence his future endeavors in the wrestling world.