McKenzie Mitchell Continues Support for WWE & NXT Post-Release

McKenzie Mitchell discusses life after WWE in recent interview.

by Noman Rasool
McKenzie Mitchell Continues Support for WWE & NXT Post-Release
© BCW Brian Campbell/Youtube

McKenzie Mitchell, a familiar face to WWE fans, recently opened up about her departure from the wrestling entertainment giant, expressing excitement and optimism for her future endeavors. Released unexpectedly last month alongside several corporate employees, Mitchell's exit from WWE marks a new chapter in her diverse career.

Initially joining WWE in 2019, Mitchell had previously been part of IMPACT Wrestling. During a candid conversation on the Insight podcast, she reflected on her WWE journey, viewing her release not as an end but as the start of fresh opportunities.

"It's been a blessing, really," Mitchell remarked. "There are so many new beginnings ahead, and I'm eager to see what the future holds." She highlighted the overwhelming support received from friends, family, colleagues, WWE executives, and, importantly, fans.

Their messages, recounting their favorite moments and interviews of hers, deeply moved her, affirming the significant impact she made during her tenure. Discussing her post-WWE life, Mitchell revealed her focus on her jewelry business, which has become almost a full-time venture.

She also touched on the unique dynamics with her husband, Vic Joseph, who continues his role at WWE. "It's fascinating that he's still there, and I'm not. We were the first married couple on the announce team, which was quite special," she shared.

Unwavering WWE Support

Despite her release, Mitchell maintains a positive relationship with WWE and NXT, regularly cheering on her husband and friends within the organization. "I still send Vic good luck texts before every show.

My support for WWE and NXT remains unwavering," she affirmed. Fans of Mitchell can look forward to seeing her at WrestleCon, set to occur in Philadelphia during WrestleMania 40 weekend. Her presence at the convention underscores her ongoing connection with the wrestling community and her readiness to embrace the next phase of her career with enthusiasm and grace.

Mitchell's journey exemplifies resilience and adaptability in the ever-evolving world of professional wrestling, reminding us that endings can often lead to exciting new beginnings.