AEW Departure: The Truth Uncovered by Dave Meltzer


AEW Departure: The Truth Uncovered by Dave Meltzer
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All Elite Wrestling (AEW) has recently been the center of major industry shifts, marked by several high-profile departures and administrative changes, generating substantial buzz in the wrestling community. QT Marshall's announcement of his departure from AEW came as a surprise to many.

His dual role as a backstage figure and an in-ring talent made him a respected figure within the company, leading to numerous tributes from colleagues and fans alike. Furthering the wave of change, Kevin Sullivan, who has been integral to AEW's success as the Vice President of Post Production since its inception, was recently let go.

This decision, reportedly made by Mike Mansury, the Senior Vice President and Co-Executive Producer, reflects the evolving landscape within AEW's management. Mansury, a former WWE executive, joined AEW in December 2022, and his influence is already becoming evident.

In another significant move, Rafael Morffi, the Vice President of Live Events/Touring, is believed to be exiting the company. Morffi's long tenure with AEW has been marked by his substantial contributions to the company's live event experiences.

However, perhaps the most startling news concerns Dana Massie, wife of Matt Jackson, who is set to leave AEW at the end of 2023. Massie, a foundational member of the AEW team, has significantly impacted the company as the Chief Marketing and Merchandising Officer.

Massie's Exit Explained

Renowned wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer, speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, shed light on the reasons behind Dana Massie's departure. According to Meltzer, the core issue revolves around AEW's handling of the fallout involving her family after the infamous CM Punk incident.

Meltzer suggests that the lack of support from AEW during this tumultuous period, where her husband and brother-in-law were subjected to public vilification without a chance to defend themselves, played a critical role in her decision to leave.

Despite the family's commitment to AEW, choosing not to transition to WWE despite attractive offers, the absence of corporate defense in their time of need weighed heavily on Massie's decision. This series of departures and changes within AEW's upper echelons signals a pivotal moment for the company, as it navigates through these challenging transitions while maintaining its position as a major force in the wrestling industry.

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