Seth Rollins to Drew McIntyre: 'Let's See Who Tops, Despite Your Antics


Seth Rollins to Drew McIntyre: 'Let's See Who Tops, Despite Your Antics
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In a stunning resurgence, Seth Rollins, after facing challenges in 2022, has reemerged triumphantly as the first-ever WWE World Heavyweight Champion in 2023. Rollins, who has firmly held onto his title, is now gearing up to defend it against Drew McIntyre at the upcoming "WWE Raw: Day One" in 2024.

This highly anticipated match marks a pivotal moment for both wrestlers. Once a fan favorite, McIntyre has evolved into a more complex character, portraying a villain frustrated by his inability to recapture a World Title. This transformation was further fueled by his loss at WWE Clash at the Castle, which was significantly influenced by Jey Uso's interference.

The recent "WWE Raw" episode shed light on Rollins' thoughts about his upcoming clash with McIntyre. Surprisingly empathetic, Rollins acknowledged McIntyre's frustrations and his shift to a more aggressive persona. Despite this understanding, Rollins expressed skepticism about McIntyre's capability to dethrone him, confidently stating that his performance as a champion is unmatched.

Rollins vs. McIntyre: Rivalry Intensifies

While Rollins understands McIntyre's mindset, he remains confident in his superior skills, challenging McIntyre to bring his best to the ring. His statement, "May the best man win," tinged with a hint of calling McIntyre a "jerk," adds an intriguing layer of complexity to their rivalry.

Their previous encounter at Crown Jewel in October, which saw Rollins successfully defending his title, adds to the anticipation of their rematch. Reflecting on his loss, McIntyre attributed it to a moment of compassion towards Rollins, a mistake he vows not to repeat.

As both wrestlers prepare for their showdown, fans eagerly await what promises to be a memorable battle at "WWE Raw: Day One." Rollins' remarkable comeback and McIntyre's evolution into a formidable antagonist set the stage for an epic confrontation.

This match isn't just about the title; it's a test of resilience, strategy, and the transformative journeys of two of WWE's most compelling characters. The wrestling world watches with bated breath as these two titans prepare to collide, each determined to prove their supremacy in the ring.

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