Chris Jericho's Reaction to Punk's WWE Comeback


Chris Jericho's Reaction to Punk's WWE Comeback
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In a turn of events that has left the wrestling world abuzz, CM Punk, known for his electrifying presence in the ring, made a remarkable return to WWE at Survivor Series. This homecoming marked the end of his contentious tenure with AEW, following his dismissal due to a backstage altercation with Jack Perry at All In.

Punk's journey with Tony Khan's AEW came to a dramatic conclusion, setting the stage for his shocking re-emergence in WWE, a company he famously exited in 2014. The stage for his return couldn't have been grander than the iconic Madison Square Garden, where, on Boxing Day, Punk wrestled his first WWE match in a decade.

He faced off against Dominik Mysterio, securing a win with his signature move, the GTS. Post-match, Punk didn't miss the opportunity to issue a stern warning to the WWE locker room, particularly with the Royal Rumble on the horizon.

Yet, what caught the fans' attention was the reaction from AEW star Chris Jericho. WWE’s release of Punk's MSG entrance footage on social media received a simple, yet impactful comment from Jericho: "Congrats! 🔥🔥🔥".

This reaction was notably intriguing, given the recent heated exchange between Jericho and Punk’s lawyer. Punk’s legal team has been vocal about a non-disclosure agreement tied to the notorious All Out brawl in 2022, which allegedly restricts those involved from discussing the incident.

Jericho, however, claims he never signed such an agreement, despite being a witness to the events.

Jericho's Surprising Response

The wrestling community is rife with speculation over this interaction, considering Jericho's status as an AEW figure and his past with Punk.

This development adds another layer to the ever-evolving narrative of wrestling's backstage politics, and the shifting allegiances and rivalries that keep fans on the edge of their seats. As Punk re-establishes his dominance in WWE, eyes are now on how this will reshape the dynamics within the wrestling world.

His return not only signifies a new chapter in his career but also heralds potential shifts in WWE's storylines and character arcs as they head towards major events like the Royal Rumble."

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