The Undertaker Criticizes Poor Quality of Former WWE Championship Design


The Undertaker Criticizes Poor Quality of Former WWE Championship Design
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Wrestling icon The Undertaker recently opened up about his views on the WWE Championship belt designs, particularly taking aim at the infamous spinner belt, during his latest episode of the "Six Feet Under" podcast. Known for his traditionalist stance and old-school values, The Undertaker, whose career spans over three decades in WWE, expressed a strong preference for the classic championship belts over more modern, customized versions.

Throughout WWE history, several wrestling stars have had the honor of donning personalized title belts. Stone Cold Steve Austin's 'Smoking Skull' title and The Ultimate Warrior's colorfully strapped version are prime examples.

Superstars like Edge and The Miz have also put their unique spins on the title, often leading to polarized fan reactions. The spinner belt entered the WWE universe with John Cena, who first introduced it during his United States Championship reign.

Though it was initially destroyed by JBL and his Cabinet, Cena brought a spinner version back into the spotlight after defeating JBL for the WWE Title at WrestleMania 21.

Undertaker Slams Spinner Belt

Reflecting on his own career, The Undertaker emphasized his disinterest in having a personalized title belt.

He stated, "No. I’m a traditionalist. I’m old school. Whatever the world title is, that’s what I wanted to represent." He acknowledged the aesthetic appeal of customized belts but reiterated his preference for traditional designs.

The Undertaker specifically criticized the spinner belt, calling it "awful" and a departure from the essence of what being a champion represented in the past. He further commented, "As cool as [the custom belt] is, it’s one of the nicest looking belts I’ve seen, I would have wanted one of the traditional belts, unless it was the spinner belt." The Undertaker’s views highlight a broader debate within the wrestling community about preserving traditions versus embracing modern marketing strategies in the sport.

The Undertaker's perspective sheds light on the evolving nature of wrestling and its symbols of success, offering a glimpse into the mindset of one of WWE's most revered figures. His comments are a reminder of the delicate balance between tradition and innovation in the ever-changing landscape of professional wrestling.

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