Matt Cardona Urges Indie Wrestlers to Elevate Their Game


Matt Cardona Urges Indie Wrestlers to Elevate Their Game
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"Former WWE Star Matt Cardona, widely recognized for his impactful tenure as Zack Ryder, has emerged as a powerhouse in the independent wrestling scene. In a recent engaging episode of 'Insight with Chris Van Vliet,' Cardona threw down the gauntlet to his peers in the industry, especially addressing the latest batch of WWE releases.

While acknowledging the capabilities of talents like Dolph Ziggler, who he believes will thrive in any wrestling landscape, Cardona's focus was on stirring up the independent circuit. He expressed a keen desire for more robust competition, candidly speaking out on social media to his fellow wrestlers.

"I'm eager to see these new faces because I'm looking for some real competition. I've been openly challenging everyone on Twitter, both men and women, to step up because, frankly, it's been too easy so far!" he stated with a mix of confidence and challenge.

Cardona Challenges Indy Wrestlers

Cardona's call to action extends beyond mere words. As a back-to-back winner of PWI's Independent Wrestler of the Year award, he underlined the need for others to rise to the occasion. "I've been named the PWI Independent Wrestler of the Year again, making it two consecutive wins.

It's time for someone else to step up, especially someone who isn't a former WWE star," he urged, emphasizing the need for fresh talents to claim the spotlight. Beyond the ring, Cardona has made a significant impact on the business side of wrestling.

He highlighted his ability to generate substantial buzz online and the remarkable demand for his merchandise. "I'm not claiming to be the best in-ring performer — that's not the point. The fact is, no one creates more buzz than me, and no one consistently has longer merch lines," he stated, underscoring his influence in the industry.

Cardona's challenge serves as a rallying cry for independent wrestlers to elevate their game and for new talents to emerge as formidable forces in the wrestling world. His words not only echo across social media but also resonate in the hearts of wrestling fans and industry insiders, setting the stage for a new era of competition and excitement in the world of independent wrestling."

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