Melina on Falls Count Anywhere Match

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Melina on Falls Count Anywhere Match

Melina was a popular WWE Diva back in her time. The women’s revolution hadn’t started back then, and so the women were not taken as seriously as they are now. They were used as fillers for the most part. Melina was part of the first ever women’s Fall Count Anywhere match.

She wrestled Mickie James and Mickie herself was very popular in those days. Melina was the Women’s Champion and she retained her title that night. She spoke about that match on the Chasing Glory podcast. "I am very proud of that.

I was very excited that my dreams were coming true. That attitude that I can't believe that they trusted us with this," said Melina. "Part of me wished [for that] because I was a manager for so long that I would have reached a level of deserving.

I wanted to be undeniable and amazing. I wanted to learn more because, I guess, I don't know, I had a level of what I wanted to be so for all that to happen so soon I thought I was undeserving”. Melina is no longer working for the WWE.

She was a heel wrestler for the most part and was known for her signature screaming at ringside. These days, women are given a good amount of attention, which wasn’t the case back then. This year, the main event of WrestleMania consisted solely of women.