Kevin Von Erich Discusses Sons Entering Wrestling


Kevin Von Erich Discusses Sons Entering Wrestling
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In the shadow of their family's storied past, Marshall and Ross Von Erich embarked on their own journey into the world of professional wrestling in 2012. Their path has led them through various promotions, recently featuring in matches for ROH and AEW.

An emotional highlight came during an episode of "Talk Is Jericho," where their father, wrestling legend Kevin Von Erich, shared his heartfelt reactions to seeing his sons carve out their legacy in the ring. Kevin, often overwhelmed with emotion, admitted, "At first, my feelings were intense.

Watching them now, I still get choked up. It's an overwhelming experience, one I never planned for. I remember when I was in their shoes, unsure of the future."

Rooftop Revelation Unveiled

The brothers' initial uncertainty about their wrestling careers took a dramatic turn during a tour with Pro Wrestling NOAH in Japan.

Ascending to a rooftop of a venue, they etched their names and the year "2012" into a brick wall. Later, returning to that spot, they discovered a fading inscription left by their father and uncle David Von Erich from decades earlier.

Marshall vividly recounted the moment, "As we looked closer at this faint mark on the wall, we could barely make out 'Kev. Dave 1980-something.' It hit us hard. They were our age when they left this mark. It felt like a sign, a confirmation for us to pursue this path, to keep going until destiny or faith directed us otherwise." This poignant discovery became a defining moment for the Von Erich brothers, cementing their resolve to follow in their family's wrestling footsteps.

Kevin Von Erich's emotional recount of this journey highlights not only the legacy of the Von Erich family in professional wrestling but also the personal and heartfelt connection between a father and his sons as they navigate the highs and lows of a demanding and often unpredictable career in the spotlight.

As Marshall and Ross continue to wrestle, they carry with them not just the legacy of their family name but also a deep, personal connection to their past, one that continues to guide and inspire them in their professional and personal lives.