Melina on Dating Johnny Impact

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Melina on Dating Johnny Impact

Melina used to work for the WWE. She was a popular female heel wrestler and even won the Women’s Title at one point. Melina was at the Chasing Glory podcast where she spoke about her first ever Falls Count Anywhere match.

She also spoke about her romantic relationship with Johnny Impact, who was John Morrison back then. She spoke about the pros and cons of dating a fellow wrestler. "Dating somebody within wrestling, yeah they understand wrestling but at the same time they don't understand.

Or back then they don't understand what you go through as a female in the female locker room or when a female wants a certain storyline and what you are trying to accomplish because there is still a disconnect because they are going through what they go through in their world and we were going through what we were going through in our world.

That is a relationship all throughout the board," revealed Melina. Many wrestling couples became famous in the WWE. Recently, Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch’s couple is the most famous power couple in the WWE. Although some couples have a long and happy life together, some of them don’t.

That is quite unfortunate! Most wrestlers find it hard to work for the WWE after they break up. Nikki Bella was one of them. She found it hard to work in the WWE after she broke up with John Cena.