Brooks Jensen Predicts a Shift in WWE Fans' View of NXT UK


Brooks Jensen Predicts a Shift in WWE Fans' View of NXT UK
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In the dynamic world of WWE, young talents like Brooks Jensen continually shape the landscape of professional wrestling. Alongside his tag team ally, Josh Briggs, Jensen has carved a unique place in WWE history as the last "WWE NXT UK" Tag Team Champions.

In a recent candid discussion on "The Scoop Slam Podcast," Jensen shared his insights and experiences from his tenure in the now-defunct NXT UK brand. This period he left a significant mark on him. Jensen expressed a sentiment that many fans might eventually share: the underappreciated value of NXT UK.

"Looking back five to ten years from now, I believe fans will have a 'we should've valued it more' moment regarding NXT UK. The caliber of talent it produced was truly extraordinary," Jensen remarked. This perspective highlights the depth and quality of the brand, which may have yet to be fully realized during its active years.

Jensen's NXT UK Journey

His journey in NXT UK was a professional engagement and a personal endeavor, especially following his recovery from a hand injury. "Learning that we were heading to NXT UK was exhilarating after my injury.

I was especially eager to train in their facilities, deeply respecting the UK wrestling style," Jensen explained. This stint in the UK offered him a unique opportunity to hone his skills and immerse himself in a different wrestling culture.

As Jensen revealed, the decision to send Jensen and Briggs to NXT UK was a strategic move. "It was Shawn Michaels' brainchild to entrust us with the tag belts and elevate our profile. The plan was to return and defend them in the UK," he stated.

Unfortunately, they never got to defend the titles in the UK, as the belts were unified with the "NXT" Tag Team Championship during 2022's Worlds Collide event. Jensen's reflections offer a glimpse into WWE's behind-the-scenes strategies and the unspoken potential of NXT UK.

As the wrestling world continues to evolve, Jensen's observations suggest that NXT UK's legacy will be more appreciated in retrospect, recognizing the brand's significant contribution to the sport and its athletes.