Tony Khan: A True Gentleman, According to Zak Zodiac


Tony Khan: A True Gentleman, According to Zak Zodiac
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Zak Zodiac, a renowned figure in the UK professional wrestling circuit, recently made headlines with his candid insights about the American wrestling industry and Tony Khan's commendable demeanor. In an exclusive interview on "Busted Open Radio," Zodiac, although yet to make a significant impact in the American wrestling scene unlike his sister Saraya, shared his aspirations and experiences with an eye on expanding his career in the United States.

"I'm at a juncture where I need to make a strategic move in my career. I've reached the pinnacle of professional wrestling in the UK and Europe, but America remains an uncharted territory for me," Zodiac stated, emphasizing his readiness to venture into the American wrestling world.

His journey, however, hasn't been without challenges. Zodiac candidly spoke about the hurdles of working internationally, particularly the risks associated with visa issues. "The threat of a five-year ban due to visa complications is real, and at my age, it's a gamble I can't afford," he admitted.

Zodiac's American Dream

Despite these challenges, Zodiac's determination remains unshaken. "I envision my entry into the American scene akin to a fresh, ambitious rapper – ready to make a mark on every independent show and gain the necessary experience," he declared, showcasing his enthusiasm to carve a niche in the American wrestling landscape.

His time traveling with AEW has been instrumental in shaping his perspective. Zodiac expressed deep admiration for Tony Khan, AEW's President, and CEO. "My interactions with Tony Khan have been nothing short of exemplary. He is the epitome of a gentleman," Zodiac remarked.

This relationship culminated in Zodiac's AEW debut in a dark match before a recent episode of "AEW Dynamite," a significant milestone in his career. Zodiac's journey and aspirations reflect the dynamic and ever-evolving world of professional wrestling, where talent and determination often pave the way to new arenas and opportunities.

His move to the American wrestling scene is not just a personal milestone but also a testament to the global nature of the sport. As Zodiac gears up to make his mark in America, fans and industry insiders alike are keenly watching, anticipating the impact of this UK hometown hero on the American wrestling stage.

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