SmackDown Wrestlers Share New Year's Resolutions


SmackDown Wrestlers Share New Year's Resolutions
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As the clock ticks closer to the New Year, WWE SmackDown superstars are setting their sights high with bold resolutions and ambitious predictions, all with a common theme: championship glory. During the electrifying "The Absolute Best of 2023" special of WWE SmackDown, the air was thick with determination and aspiration.

Bobby Lashley, alongside The Street Profits in a candid locker room scene, set the tone. Lashley, exuding confidence, declared his vision for the year ahead: joining forces with The Street Profits. Their collective goal? To seek "more" in their wrestling careers, with Lashley emphasizing their unified thirst for victory and dominance.

The Street Profits, not to be outdone, were explicit in their ambitions, forecasting a triumphant year ahead with championship gold within reach. Their message was clear: the New Year must be nothing short of spectacular. Lashley, ever the wordsmith, added a twist to their sentiment, asserting that the year would not just be good, but "almighty." In a riveting backstage interview, Kevin Owens outlined his roadmap for the upcoming year.

His immediate focus: toppling Santos Escobar in the forthcoming week, setting the stage for his pursuit of the coveted United States Championship. Owens' statement reverberated with determination and a clear vision for his path to glory.

Adding to the night's revelations, Austin Theory and Grayson Waller, during their appearance on "The Grayson Waller Effect," disclosed their joint resolution. The duo is eyeing not just individual success but also tag team triumphs, aiming to secure both singles and tag team championship titles.

Theory, not content with just that, threw in an extra goal: winning the Royal Rumble and headlining WrestleMania.

Belair's Bold Ambitions

Bianca Belair, known for her unwavering focus, deviated from the norm by not making explicit New Year's resolutions.

However, she didn't shy away from expressing her ambition: capturing the Women's Championship from IYO SKY and maintaining her undefeated streak at WrestleMania, a testament to her confidence and prowess in the ring. Damage CTRL, reflecting on their stellar 2023, were optimistic about the coming year.

Bayley, a pivotal member of the group, boldly declared that 2024 is set to be their most monumental year yet, hinting at even greater achievements and dominance in the WWE universe. The legendary Rey Mysterio wrapped up the series of proclamations with his perspective on 2024.

Mysterio, with a blend of wisdom and experience, marked Santos Escobar and his son Dominik as his primary targets, setting the stage for potentially epic showdowns in the coming year. As these WWE superstars gear up for 2024, their resolutions are a clear indication that the pursuit of gold, glory, and personal vendettas will shape the narrative of WWE SmackDown in the New Year, promising a year of intense rivalries, unexpected alliances, and unforgettable moments in the wrestling world.

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