AEW Challenges WWE Monopoly


AEW Challenges WWE Monopoly
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In a compelling op-ed for The Players Tribune, MJF, a prominent figure in All Elite Wrestling (AEW), shared his insights on the significant role AEW plays in the wrestling landscape. He also addressed some of the criticisms directed at Tony Khan's company.

MJF began by highlighting AEW's contribution to improving workers' rights within the industry. He emphasized the importance of having an alternative to the previously monopolized American wrestling scene, stressing that the existence of AEW has created new job opportunities for wrestlers and has given them more leverage and better working conditions.

His candid admission about his own height and success in AEW underscored the company's inclusive approach, allowing diverse talents to thrive.

AEW Criticism Rebuttal

Addressing the critics of AEW, MJF acknowledged the validity of constructive criticism but condemned those who oppose the very existence of the organization.

He argued that such opposition is essentially an attack on the welfare of wrestling professionals. When discussing Tony Khan, AEW's president, MJF offered a balanced view. He acknowledged Khan's privileged background but also commended his genuine passion for wrestling and his fair treatment of contracts, a practice not always observed in the industry.

MJF's commentary extended to Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks, recognizing them as vital, polarizing figures in wrestling. He lauded them for their audacious and successful bet on themselves, contributing to the industry's dynamism.

Chris Jericho received particular praise for his role in legitimizing AEW and its world title. MJF credited Jericho with not only elevating the status of the organization but also with helping to establish MJF's own credibility within the wrestling community.

Lastly, MJF highlighted Jon Moxley's decision to join AEW as a pivotal moment. He admired Moxley for choosing AEW over a lucrative career with WWE, challenging the assumption that WWE is the ultimate destination for wrestlers.

MJF is set to defend the AEW World Championship against Samoa Joe at the AEW Worlds End 2023 pay-per-view event later tonight, a testament to his and the organization's growing influence in the world of professional wrestling.