Mick Foley Recalls Vince McMahon Almost Cutting WWE Iconic Segment


Mick Foley Recalls Vince McMahon Almost Cutting WWE Iconic Segment
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Vince McMahon, the renowned figurehead of WWE, is often discussed for his unpredictable decision-making, particularly his propensity for last-minute alterations to matches. This characteristic has been a point of contention among modern WWE enthusiasts.

Yet, a recent revelation by Mick Foley on his podcast, "Foley Is Pod," sheds light on a notable instance where McMahon's impulsive tendencies almost led to the interruption of a now-iconic WWE segment. Mick Foley, a celebrated wrestler who has teamed with several prominent WWE figures, shared an intriguing behind-the-scenes story.

His pairing with The Rock is widely regarded as one of the most memorable in his career. Their synergy culminated in a comedic in-ring skit following Unforgiven 1999, famously known as the "This Is Your Life" segment. This segment not only garnered immense popularity but also achieved the highest "WWE Raw" rating at the time.

Interestingly, McMahon was initially not a fan of this segment.

Foley Uncovers McMahon's Displeasure

Foley revealed, "I did not know how much Vince hated it, I really didn't, but Vince Russo said later that Vince had to be restrained or talked out of going out there and getting it to stop because it was running for so long and it was a trainwreck unfolding in real-time if you go back and watch it." This insight highlights the tensions and uncertainties that often exist behind the scenes in professional wrestling.

Despite the segment's success, Foley acknowledged several errors, including a lack of communication with production. This miscommunication led to discrepancies in the graphics for characters from Rock's past, differing from the names Foley used.

Nonetheless, the segment's overwhelming success in ratings eventually swayed McMahon. Foley reminisced, "I do remember him saying 'Alright! You can do whatever you want from now on!' And so we had carte blanche to do whatever we wanted, we took advantage of that." This narrative not only exemplifies the dynamic nature of WWE programming but also underscores the impact of audience reception on the decision-making processes in professional wrestling.

The "This Is Your Life" segment, despite its initial perception as a potential disaster, turned into a defining moment in WWE history, illustrating the unpredictable and often spontaneous world of sports entertainment.

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