India's 'Dame of Strength': Iconic in Salwar-Kameez at Global Wrestling Events

Trailblazing Indian Wrestler Shines in International Wrestling Arena

by Noman Rasool
India's 'Dame of Strength': Iconic in Salwar-Kameez at Global Wrestling Events
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Kavita Devi, Hailing from Haryana, India, Makes History in WWE. In professional wrestling, a new star has risen from India, making an unforgettable impact. Kavita Devi, born on September 20, 1987, in Haryana, India, has etched her name as the first Indian woman to sign with WWE, the premier platform for wrestling entertainment.

Breaking barriers in a domain predominantly navigated by male wrestlers, Kavita Devi is a pioneer for female wrestlers from India. Her journey to WWE fame is a tale of relentless determination and unparalleled skill. Kavita, also known in her wrestling circles as Kavita Dalal, has been a beacon of inspiration, showcasing her exceptional abilities on a global stage.

Kavita's Pre-WWE Triumphs

Before her sensational entry into WWE, Kavita had already established herself as a formidable wrestler, collecting numerous accolades. Yet, her unwavering passion for WWE truly set her apart. This drive led her to the 2017 Mae Young Classic, where she wowed audiences with her impressive wrestling prowess.

The pinnacle of Kavita's career came at Wrestlemania 34, where her performance left fans and fellow wrestlers awestruck. Her remarkable talent earned acclaim worldwide, cementing her reputation as a force to be reckoned with in the wrestling world.

Besides her wrestling feats, Kavita is an accomplished powerlifter who proudly represented India at the 2016 South Asian Games. She attributes much of her success to the mentorship of The Great Khali (Dalip Singh Rana), a former WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

"Khali sir brought me into the WWE ring. His guidance has been crucial in my career development," Kavita expressed in a 2018 interview. She also acknowledged fellow Indian wrestler Jinder Mahal's significant contributions to elevating India's presence in WWE.

Kavita's personal life is as inspiring as her professional one. Married in 2009 and a mother by 2010, she considered retiring post-pregnancy. However, with her husband's unwavering support, she continued to pursue her passion.

Kavita was a proud member of WWE from 2017 until her release in 2021, leaving behind a legacy that inspires aspiring wrestlers in India and beyond. Kavita Devi's story is about breaking stereotypes in wrestling and the perseverance and dedication it takes to reach the pinnacle of one's dreams.

Her journey from Haryana to the WWE ring is a testament to the power of hard work and determination in achieving global recognition in sports entertainment.