Ryback Praises Goldberg and The Undertaker

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Ryback Praises Goldberg and The Undertaker

At the WWE Super ShowDown event, Goldberg wrestled the Undertaker for the very first time in his career. It might as well be the last match of theirs, as the match featured several botches. The fans really bashed the match and the performers.

Ryback is a former WWE Intercontinental Champion. He spoke about the match on his podcast with is Conversations with The Big Guy. "Nothing but respect to those guys in that situation. At their age and going over there and being put in the main event I was really curious what kind of match they were going to have and whether they were going to go for that shorter type match in Goldberg.

They booked him in some pretty good scenarios when he came back and was able to perform well," said Ryback. “You have two guys who have never worked and have both been out of the ring with 100-degree weather, so many different factors at play”.

According to sources, this was a match that the Saudi government demanded. It made a lot of money for the WWE, and the match was a spectacle. It is widely known that Goldberg isn’t the best technical wrestler but he some sources suggest that The Undertaker was to carry that match. This was a dream match for many wrestling fans, but it unfortunately didn’t live up to expectations.