WWE HOFer Kevin Nash Reflects on Gimmick That Upset Ric Flair in WCW Era


WWE HOFer Kevin Nash Reflects on Gimmick That Upset Ric Flair in WCW Era
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In a captivating revelation on his "Kliq This" podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash delved into a lesser-known chapter of wrestling history involving another legend, "Nature Boy" Ric Flair. Nash recounted an incident from the early days of WCW, where Flair, known for his iconic "Nature Boy" persona, found himself in an uncharacteristic role that sparked notable backstage drama.

The story centers around a mysterious character dubbed "The Black Scorpion," initially intended to be a rotating cast of wrestlers, including names like Al Perez. However, in a twist of fate, Ric Flair, a wrestler synonymous with consistency in his gimmick, was chosen to don the mask of "The Black Scorpion." This decision, as Nash vividly describes, did not sit well with Flair.

Flair's Masked Dilemma

Nash, a former WCW World Heavyweight Champion himself, vividly recalled the moment Flair learned he was to portray the masked villain. According to Nash, Flair's reaction was one of unmistakable frustration.

In a scene filled with tension, Flair, known for his flamboyance and charisma, expressed his displeasure by disdainfully discarding the red mask assigned for his new role, an act that left a lasting impression on those present.

Despite his initial resistance, Flair eventually embraced the role of "The Black Scorpion." The storyline culminated at that year's Starrcade event, where Flair, as "The Black Scorpion," faced off against Sting in a dramatic unmasking.

This match added another memorable chapter to the storied rivalry between Flair and Sting. Following this, Flair continued to build on his legendary career, later capturing the NWA World Heavyweight Championship at a WCW house show.

Nash's recollection offers a unique glimpse into the backstage dynamics of wrestling's golden era, highlighting the challenges and unexpected twists that even the industry's most seasoned veterans faced. As Nash humorously noted, he even considered keeping the infamous mask, anticipating its potential value as a memento from the illustrious career of Ric Flair.

This behind-the-scenes story not only showcases the complexities of wrestling personas but also underscores the adaptability and professionalism of icons like Ric Flair, who, despite initial reluctance, delivered an unforgettable performance that remains a talking point among wrestling enthusiasts.

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