Ex-WWE Royal Rumble Champ to Headline WWE 2K24 Cover


Ex-WWE Royal Rumble Champ to Headline WWE 2K24 Cover
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In a thrilling development for WWE enthusiasts, reports indicate that Cody Rhodes, the victor of last year's Royal Rumble, is set to be the face of the upcoming WWE 2K24 game. This news has sparked considerable excitement among fans, who are eager to see who will follow in the footsteps of wrestling legends gracing the covers of previous WWE 2K games.

2K Games, the official gaming partner of WWE, has consistently delivered these highly anticipated titles since their inaugural release, WWE 2K14, in 2013. With each yearly edition, they have elevated the gaming experience, introducing updated rosters, new arenas, and enhanced game modes.

The latest installment, WWE 2K23, released in 2023, set a new benchmark for the series with its robust features and immersive gameplay.

WWE 2K Series Tributes

The WWE 2K series, known for its annual releases, has become a staple for wrestling game enthusiasts.

These games provide a virtual wrestling experience and pay tribute to the careers of iconic WWE superstars. For instance, WWE 2K22 celebrated Rey Mysterio, while WWE 2K23 honored John Cena. The anticipation for WWE 2K24 is mounting, with fans speculating about its potential features and innovations.

Rumors suggest that 2K Games and WWE might reveal the first major announcement for WWE 2K24 at the WWE Royal Rumble in 2024, mirroring the strategy used for previous titles. The game is expected to hit the shelves in March 2024, adding to the excitement of the wrestling community.

Cover superstars for WWE 2K games are selected based on two criteria: a tribute to a legendary career or the current popularity of a WWE superstar. This approach has seen a diverse range of wrestlers featured on the covers, from The Rock in WWE 2K14 to Seth Rollins in WWE 2K18.

As the tenth game in the series, WWE 2K24's choice of Cody Rhodes as the cover superstar is significant. Rhodes, also a frontrunner for the Elimination Chamber 2024 match, could challenge Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 40. His selection reflects his current prominence in the WWE universe and the evolving landscape of wrestling entertainment.

The cover of WWE 2K24 is more than just a visual aspect; it represents the evolving narrative and legacy of WWE superstars. With Cody Rhodes potentially at the helm, WWE 2K24 is poised to be a milestone in the series, resonating with fans who actively engage in discussions and share their preferences for cover superstars.

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