WWE and Mercedes Mone at Odds Over Financial Terms in Contract Negotiations

Unexpected twists shape the future of professional wrestling dynamics.

by Noman Rasool
WWE and Mercedes Mone at Odds Over Financial Terms in Contract Negotiations
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In the ever-evolving world of professional wrestling, the potential reunion between WWE and Mercedes Mone, formerly Sasha Banks, remains a complex and developing story. Renowned journalist Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio, as relayed by WrestlingNews.co, has shared insights suggesting a significant financial divide in the ongoing negotiations.

The crux of the matter is Mone's ambition for a contract surpassing that of Charlotte Flair, who recently set a benchmark with one of the most substantial deals for a female wrestler in WWE's illustrious history. Sources, including Fightful Select, cited by Cageside Seats, indicate that WWE has retreated from discussions due to Mone's substantial financial expectations.

Mone's credentials are indisputable. As a seven-time world champion, she has been a pivotal figure in WWE, contributing significantly to the brand's success. Her absence, spanning nearly two years, has been felt deeply within the company.

The situation is further complicated by the allure of rival promotion AEW, where Mone could enjoy greater creative latitude and the opportunity to engage in external projects, a freedom not typically afforded in WWE contracts.

Mone's Potential Comeback

The wrestling community is abuzz with comparisons to CM Punk's astonishing return to WWE at Survivor Series. This move defied expectations, given the strained relationship between Punk and the WWE.

His comeback, particularly after a contentious departure from AEW, was a testament to WWE's ability to navigate complex negotiations and secure top talent. This scenario could mirror Mone's situation. WWE's recent trend of securing major stars with generous contracts, as seen with Rey Mysterio, Bayley, and Flair, reflects a strategic shift in the company's approach to talent retention.

This change in strategy, coupled with Mone's proven track record as a significant draw, positions her for a potentially lucrative deal, aligning perfectly with WWE's current investment trajectory. The outcome of these negotiations will be a telling indicator of WWE's valuation of Mone's star power.

Her return could inject fresh dynamism into the promotion, mirroring her influence on the broader landscape of women's wrestling and pop culture. As AEW President Tony Khan signals a proactive stance in the free agent market, particularly to enhance AEW's women's division, Mone emerges as a highly coveted asset, a testament to her standing as one of the preeminent talents in the industry.

The decision ahead for WWE could shape the future landscape of women's wrestling and, by extension, the broader narrative of professional wrestling.

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