Ryback Reveals the Wrestler Behind His Most Disastrous Match


Ryback Reveals the Wrestler Behind His Most Disastrous Match
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In a candid revelation on his podcast “Conversation With The Big Guy,” former WWE superstar Ryback shed light on what he considers the most lackluster match of his wrestling career, naming Jinder Mahal as his opponent in this forgettable encounter.

This admission takes fans back to the duo's early days in the wrestling world, long before their more prominent stints in NXT and The Nexus. Ryback, known for his straightforward approach, didn't mince words as he described the match as a series of missteps and blunders.

He attributed this rough performance to the spontaneous nature of the match and Mahal's then-green status in the developmental league. Despite its chaotic unfolding, Ryback laced his recollection with a sense of humor, reflecting on the match as an amusing, albeit flawed, part of his wrestling journey.

"The worst match of my entire career was with Jinder Mahal," Ryback confessed. "We ended up doing a match on the fly, and it was probably my worst match ever. Just nothing went right, and Jinder was super-new to developmental at that time.

It was really f***ing funny actually, but it was after NXT and we all were down there. The Nexus thing hadn’t happened yet."

Mahal's Wrestling Triumphs

Interestingly, despite being part of what Ryback describes as his worst match, Jinder Mahal's career trajectory in WWE tells a story of remarkable success.

Mahal's wrestling journey reached a pinnacle with his 170-day tenure as WWE Champion, a title he clinched from Randy Orton at Backlash in 2017, solidifying his position in the wrestling world. Furthermore, Ryback didn't hold back his opinions regarding CM Punk's return to WWE.

He surmised that financial desperation and mental fragility were the driving forces behind Punk's comeback. Ryback's blunt assessment came through a series of charged statements on social media, where he labeled Punk as "broke," "desperate," and "mentally fried." This blend of retrospective insight and current commentary from Ryback offers a unique glimpse into the dynamics and personal experiences that shape the world of professional wrestling.