R-Truth Gets Finn Balor a Tag Team Title Match on Next Week's Raw


R-Truth Gets Finn Balor a Tag Team Title Match on Next Week's Raw
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In a thrilling development on this week's "WWE Raw," an unexpected turn of events has set the stage for an electrifying encounter on next week's show. Finn Balor, a prominent member of The Judgment Day, is slated to clash with Tommaso Ciampa of DIY in a high-stakes match.

The outcome of this bout carries significant implications: if Balor is defeated, he and his tag team partner, Damian Priest, must put their Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championships on the line against DIY. The seeds for this showdown were sown during a recent segment on "Raw." DIY approached R-Truth, mistakenly believing he is still part of The Judgment Day, with a bold New Year's resolution: to claim the WWE Tag Team titles.

This led to a bewildering situation for Balor and Priest, who were later informed by "Raw" General Manager Adam Pearce that The Judgment Day had requested a match for the next week's episode. In a surprising twist, R-Truth entered the scene, revealing that he had orchestrated the tag team title match request.

Priest and Balor, visibly frustrated by Truth's unilateral decision regarding their titles, reiterated that he was not a member of their group. However, Truth proposed a compelling challenge: have Balor face Ciampa, and if Ciampa triumphs, DIY would earn their shot at the tag team championship.

Initially reluctant, Balor was goaded into accepting the match after Truth taunted him, calling him a "scaredy-cat."

Champions vs Challengers Clash

The stakes for this upcoming match are monumental. The Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions, Balor and Priest, have successfully defended their titles since October, when they overcame Cody Rhodes and Jey Uso.

Their reign has been marked by notable victories, including a recent win over the Creed Brothers on the December 18 edition of "Raw" and a triumph against The Street Profits on the November 24 episode of "WWE SmackDown." On the other side, DIY, though a formidable duo, have yet to secure tag team gold on the main WWE roster.

Their only championship success dates back to 2016 in "NXT." As anticipation builds for next week's "WWE Raw," fans are eagerly awaiting the outcome of this pivotal match, which could potentially reshuffle the dynamics of the tag team division. This high-octane wrestling spectacle promises to be a not-to-miss event for WWE enthusiasts.

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