Goldberg on How Facing Hulk Hogan Differed From Other WCW Rivals


Goldberg on How Facing Hulk Hogan Differed From Other WCW Rivals
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In a captivating episode of the "Steve & Captain Evil" podcast, wrestling icon Goldberg delved into his experiences working with Hulk Hogan during the zenith of the nWo's dominance in WCW. The discussion illuminated a pivotal era in wrestling history, shedding light on the dynamics between two of the industry's biggest names.

Goldberg, reflecting on his nascent days in wrestling, recounted his initial encounter with Hogan. Despite being relatively new to the scene with only six months of experience, he was tasked with wrestling Scott Hall earlier on the same night he first faced Hogan.

This setup laid the groundwork for a memorable showdown that would contribute to Goldberg's meteoric rise in WCW. As Goldberg navigated these early challenges, his interaction with Hogan proved to be distinctively instructive.

He vividly remembered approaching Hogan to discuss their match strategy, only to be met with an unexpectedly casual response. "I walk in his room, and Hogan had been in the business for 115 years, ... and I had just been in the business [for] six months and I looked at him and I said: 'So, Mr.

Hogan, what would you like to do?' And he goes: 'Ah, don't worry about it kid. We'll call it in the ring,'" Goldberg shared. This approach, where Hogan guided the match in real-time, was both daunting and exhilarating for Goldberg.

Goldberg Lauds Hogan's Impact

Goldberg praised Hogan as a foundational figure in professional wrestling, acknowledging his role in guiding the trajectory of WCW during that period. He highlighted how his own character, with its unprecedented winning streak, was strategically introduced as a formidable adversary to Hogan.

"They needed some big monstrous, ugly dude like me to beat him. So I fit the bill pretty well. I did. He chose to do it and it was a perfect move for the business at the time. He's very unselfish," Goldberg stated, underscoring Hogan's willingness to enhance the storyline for the greater good of the wrestling world.

This candid conversation offers a rare glimpse into the inner workings of professional wrestling, revealing the strategic and often impromptu nature of iconic matches. It not only celebrates the legacy of Hulk Hogan but also acknowledges Goldberg's pivotal role in shaping a significant chapter in wrestling history.

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